PE Builder v3 plugin


Plugin by Michael Lawrence Hallsted

Text Editors... there are a zillion of them. This plugin includes 9 freeware text editors. 2xEditor, EditPad, NotePad2, NotePad+, PFE32 aka Programmer's File Editor, Prolix, PSPad, SuperEditor, and TextView. TextView is not really an editor per-se, but allows one to view large quantities of text files quickly and efficiently. What? you need more text editors like you need a whole in your head? Well, actually, I agree with you... but I made this plugin, anyway, despite my doctors orders. Now, they all seem to have some sort of .ini file that needs to be written to. That's why I needed to use the RamDisk plugin. A couple of them would not close if they could not write some tidbit of information to an .ini file, so it is just easier to use the ram disk to run them from.

Text-Editors can be downloaded from:

This is a complete plugin, all files are included.
  1. download the plugin
  2. unzip it
  3. copy the Text-Editors folder to the Bart PE "plugin" folder
  4. make sure the pe builder program has it listed as enabled
  5. that is all you should have to do

This plugin runs from the ram disk. The following is from the bart's pe changes.txt file: So all current versions of Bart's PE include a ram disk and it is enabled by default. However, if you use the ram disk a lot, and you find that you are running out of space on it, just use the ramsize plugin. Upon first boot, it allows you to set the size of the ram disk much higher, so you can make more use of it. The popups are infrequent and easily dismissed.
ramsize can be downloaded here.

To run from BartPE, click on:
Start/Go Programs Text Editors 2xEditor
Start/Go Programs Text Editors EditPad
Start/Go Programs Text Editors Notepad2
Start/Go Programs Text Editors Notepad-Plus
Start/Go Programs Text Editors PFE32
Start/Go Programs Text Editors Prolix
Start/Go Programs Text Editors PSPad
Start/Go Programs Text Editors SuperEditor
Start/Go Programs Text Editors Textview

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