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Plugin by Michael Lawrence Hallsted

The Opera www browser, full generic install, browser plugins, everything. It will occupy about 40MB of your RamDisk. The cache has been set to 5MB. Now why did I do my own plugin when other people have done one? I just could not get the other Opera8 plugins to work for me. Here I would like to thank fafot for his opera8 plugin, because of his clear instructions on editing the required .ini files, I was able to get my plugin to work, though I have no idea why I could not get his plugin to work for me, and believe me, I tried.
And why do these files need editing... the file paths to the Opera folders are stated in these .ini files. If they are not changed to the correct location, then Opera can not find anything, so it does not work as well as it should. And since Opera needs to run from a ram disk, the drive letter in these file paths need to reflect the drive letter of your ram drive.
Anyway, according to fafot, there are 5 .ini files to edit:
In the Opera folder, the OperaDef6.ini and spellcheck.ini need editing.
In the Opera / Mail folder, the accounts.ini and index.ini need editing, if they exist and you want to use email.
In the Opera / Profiles folder, the opera6.ini needs editing. You can optionally setup your Download directory to your ramdrive.
Now, if you use the default settings for Bart's PE, then the ram drive is set to drive letter B. I have made all of the necessary changes to the opera .ini files to reflect this: ram drive is drive B. If you use a different drive letter for your ram drive , just change B: to whatever it needs to be (no pun intended). I also set the download folder to B:\
The other thing that Bart's PE defaults to ... is a ram drive that is only 32MB in size... which is why you also need the RamSize plugin (see below). This allows you to change the size of the ram drive to a much higher value. Otherwise, my opera8 plugin won't do you much good, since it uses around 40MB of your ram disk.
So... if you leave the ram drive set to drive B, and you give yourself a nice large ram disk, then you don't need to change anything to my plugin. It is good to go as it is.

Opera8 can be downloaded from:

This is a complete plugin, all files are included.
  1. download the plugin
  2. unzip it
  3. copy the Opera8 folder to the Bart PE "plugin" folder
  4. make sure the pe builder program has it listed as enabled
  5. that is all you should have to do

This plugin runs from the ram disk. The following is from the bart's pe changes.txt file: So all current versions of Bart's PE include a ram disk and it is enabled by default. However, if you use the ram disk a lot, and you find that you are running out of space on it, just use the ramsize plugin. Upon first boot, it allows you to set the size of the ram disk much higher, so you can make more use of it. The popups are infrequent and easily dismissed.
ramsize can be downloaded here.

To run from BartPE, click on:
Start/Go Programs Opera v8

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