PE Builder v3 plugin


Plugin by Michael Lawrence Hallsted

Some miscellaneous stuff, 9 nice freeware programs.
The programs are: AutoReplace - Search for and replace text in files, bobbo-ip tells you what you IP address is, CKRename is a mass file renaming program, Code V Ruler is a screen ruler - run it twice and you can have one horizontal and one vertical, HJsplit is a file splitter and merger, IconSucker will suck icons out of binary files, INIFileEditor is an easy way to edit .ini files, Splitter is another file splitter and merger, and Visua is an image viewer and an image editor.
You know, instead of filling up the start menu with lots of little programs, all nine of these programs play nicely together in one folder, so I just threw them all together. Also, most of them need to run from a ram disk, but they are all small, so that don't take up too much space. Also, smaller freeware programs tend to need the VB5 and VB6 runtimes installed to function properly.
VB5 and VB6 runtimes need the "vbrun" plugin which can be downloaded here.

Misc-Stuff can be downloaded from:

This is a complete plugin, all files are included.
  1. download the plugin
  2. unzip it
  3. copy the Misc-Stuff folder to the Bart PE "plugin" folder
  4. make sure the pe builder program has it listed as enabled
  5. that is all you should have to do

This plugin runs from the ram disk. The following is from the bart's pe changes.txt file: So all current versions of Bart's PE include a ram disk and it is enabled by default. However, if you use the ram disk a lot, and you find that you are running out of space on it, just use the ramsize plugin. Upon first boot, it allows you to set the size of the ram disk much higher, so you can make more use of it. The popups are infrequent and easily dismissed.
ramsize can be downloaded here.

To run from BartPE, click on:
Start/Go Programs Misc Stuff Autoreplace
Start/Go Programs Misc Stuff bobbo-ip
Start/Go Programs Misc Stuff CKRename
Start/Go Programs Misc Stuff code-v-ruler
Start/Go Programs Misc Stuff HJsplit
Start/Go Programs Misc Stuff IconSucker
Start/Go Programs Misc Stuff INIFileEditor
Start/Go Programs Misc Stuff Splitter
Start/Go Programs Misc Stuff visua

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