PE Builder v3 plugin


Plugin by Michael Lawrence Hallsted

Tried and true dual pane file managers. 2xExplorer vR7, Servant Salamander v1.52, and TurboNavigator v1.22. Hey, what can I say, I am a big fan of dual pane file managers. I have used all 3 of these programs and all 3 work well. They sure beats the pants off of the normal windows explorer. Also, none of their file names duplicated themselves, so I could put them all in one folder.... that made me happy. But then I do please rather easily... I can stare at a wall for hours... ummm, nevermind, did I say that I like dual pane file managers...

FileManagers can be downloaded from:

This is a complete plugin, all files are included.
  1. Download the plugin
  2. unzip it
  3. copy the FileManagers folder to the Bart PE "plugin" folder
  4. make sure the pe builder program has it listed as enabled
  5. that's all you have to do, they run just fine right off of the cd

To run from BartPE, click on:
Start/Go Programs File Managers 2xExplorer-vR7
Start/Go Programs File Managers servant-salamander-v152
Start/Go Programs File Managers turbo-navigator-v122

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